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Dear Friends,

As a young girl, my daughter rode ponies at parties with her friends and classmates. In her spare time during her teen years, she volunteered alongside her aunt at a local therapeutic horsemanship center. After witnessing some of the amazing results and miracles through which the local program was part of, her interest for horses increased even stronger than before. We began to research information on horses and statistics associated with them, and learned staggering numbers about these beautiful animals. The amount of horses dying every year from suffering under abusive conditions or being transported to other countries for slaughtering, is quite astonishing, and disturbing at the same time. Troubled by these discoveries, we combined our will to strike change with our family’s passion for clothing. Inspired by these two feelings and ideas, our family came up with a clothing brand that embodies “casual” but “classy” elements with a horse as the focal point. 


As the United States colors significance represent Valor, Purity, and Vigilance, the horse represents similar meanings that of Bravery, Clarity, and Devotion. It was only appropriate for our signature logo’s details should incorporate a design that mimics one of the “Star & Stripe” horse! We salute and honor our heroes who fight for our freedom daily as well we acknowledge and support the horses whom are heroes to millions of people whose lives are enriched and motivated by them.    


So, it is with great pride we bring to you, Southern Derby Collection! Southern personality, charm and appeal clothing “where class is tradition” that cross barriers, because no matter where one lives or their background anyone can appreciate a brand of clothing designed behind a purpose! Currently, we offer Comfort Colors® pre-shrunk, ring spun, 100% Cotton Short-Sleeve and Long-Sleeve logoed Pocket Tees both available in four colors and a Port Authority® 100% garment washed Cotton Twill Hat in two colors. Our plans are to not only expand our Tees and hat selections but bring to market an entire collection of custom-made sport-shirts, polos, casual pants, shorts and accessories that continue to offer a brand of comfort, charm, and class to the southern lifestyle landscape! We challenge all of you to join us in achieving our mission of spreading awareness about the brutal reality horses face every day, by joining our Southern Derby family and live a life dedicated to participating in that mission every time you wear your one of a kind Southern Derby (Signature) T-Shirt. Join Us. Wear us. Share us. And Ride with us. God Bless!

Southern Derby Collection Family

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